Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Web design? I don't even know where to begin mate.

Work is getting better for now. Especially since I am not really drinking anymore which is great but also freaks people out when you tell them. I'm not looking forward to the first peer pressure moment.

I feel like something is changing inside of me, I feel empowered, this year will be a different year and one of change. I feel like I have made a huge step forward. I have no real desire to live back in Morzine after the last visit. It was brilliant being there but it is too much a of a bubble for me to live with. It is so self obsessed and not in a bad way but I feel like I need more. And if we lived there we would be poor.

So there it is again, the eternal question, what do I do with my life? I need a break. And the only way to make things happen is to make things happen. Like it says in our gym 'Nothing Will Work Unless You Do'.


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